AWOL Jeff Sessions Keeps Streak Alive – Another Deep State Crook Gets Off Scot-Free

Image via Jack Posobiec

Another Deep State Crook Walks–

The Department of Justice declined to prosecute a corrupt FBI agent who took gifts and money from a “confidential human source.” The FBI agent also protected source’s illegal business and misused the FBI assets for personal gain.

The Jeff Sessions DOJ declined to prosecute.
CNS News reported:


The Department of Justice has declined to prosecute an FBI special agent whom the department’s inspector general determined had received money from a former FBI confidential human source, had protected that source’s illegal business, had provided false information to a local police department and had misused FBI assets for personal gain.

The inspector general referred this FBI agent’s case to the Department of Justice but DOJ would not prosecute.

“Criminal prosecution of the SA was declined,” the IG said in a publicly released summary of the investigation.

DOJ declined to respond to questions that asked it about this case.

“We don’t comment on referrals,” a DOJ spokesperson said.

The Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice released its “investigative summary” of the case on Aug. 6.

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