ATTN LYING MEDIA: No Reporters Have Been Attacked at Trump Rallies by Trump Supporters

Reports published Thursday state that media companies are hiring security guards to protect reporters at President Trump rallies in the wake of raucous, non-violent protests against CNN’s Jim Acosta at recent Trump rallies.

At the same Tampa rally where Acosta expressed fear of being attacked, he posed for selfies with Trump supporters.

ABC’s Tara Palmeri said Trump supporters were “riled up in mass” but “very friendly one-on-one”.

What has not been reported in the smear job against Trump supporters by the media is this fact: NO TRUMP SUPPORTER HAS ATTACKED A REPORTER AT ANY TRUMP RALLY.

This writer covered many Trump rallies in Florida in 2016 and one in 2017 and witnessed no violence against reporters.

A Google search of ‘Trump rally “reporter attacked”‘ shows no returns, which jibes with this writer’s recollection.

Despite endless caterwauling by the anti-Trump media that Trump’s rhetoric criticizing the media would provoke violence against reporters by Trump supporters it has never happened.

(For the nitpickers out there, the bogus Corey Lewandowski incident with Michelle Fields doesn’t count._

The Politico article which broke the story Thursday about the media hiring security for Trump rallies cites no actual attacks on reporters by Trump supporters at Trump rallies. NONE.

Likewise, this follow-up article by The Hill on the media hiring security cites no actual attacks on reporters by Trump supporters.

LIBERALS HAVE ATTACKED REPORTERS, BEATEN ROBBED AND CARJACKED THEM FOR YEARS WITHOUT COMPLAINT BY THE MEDIA The individual reporters who have been attacked have complained, but there is no campaign by the media against violent liberals who attack reporters like there is against peaceful Trump supporters who heckle reporters.

Protesters with the Occupy, Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements routinely attack and threaten reporters yet the media demonizes Trump supporters, not the liberals who actually harm them and infringe on their First Amendment rights.

The media did the same to the Tea Party movement, constantly fear-mongering about peaceful armed protesters and violence that never happened.

When guns have been used for political means in recent years, it was a liberal Democrat who attempted a mass assassination of Republicans last year. Another liberal tried to grab a police officer’s gun at a Trump rally so he could shoot Trump.

Let the media hire security. The more security at Trump rallies the better. Because it is Trump supporters who need protection at Trump rallies. The 2016 campaign saw many attacks by liberals against Trump supporters at Trump rallies, including riotous mob attacks in Chicago and San Jose.

The Politico article includes this laughable quote from an unnamed reporter, concerned that Trump supporters will video an unguarded moment that could paint the media in an unflattering light, you know, like the media does to conservatives.

“Another reporter described several members of the crowd at last week’s Tampa rally turning toward the pen and watching the journalists, or recording them on their phones, instead of facing Trump. “I really knew that I had to not react to anything,” the reporter said. “I knew that what people wanted was eye contact with reporters.””

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