ANTIFA TERRORISTS Riot, Beat Heads, Damage Sound Equipment, Tear Up Tents and Shut Down Providence Freedom Rally –VIDEO-PHOTOS

On Saturday a conservative group calling themselves “Resist Marxism” organized the Providence Freedom Rally at the Rhode Island State House.

The pro-freedom group was met by hundreds of violent far left Antifa terrorists.
The Antifa group claimed the rally a was a Nazi event.

The goal of Antifa in Rhode Island, like Antifa in Portland on Saturday, was to shut down the assembly and beat heads.

Rhode Island Congressional candidate Daniel Guilmette was not allowed to speak by the Antifa goons.


The Providence police did not separate the two groups and allowed the Antifa protesters to get close enough to damage property and equipment and to assault the attendees.

All hell broke loose. The Antifa goons rioted, beat heads, damaged property and shut down the event.

This Antifa goon was arrested after reportedly beating a patriot with a bike lock.

Here’s more video.

This was happening in Rhode Island as Antifa protesters rioted in Portland, Oregon.
Antifa is a terrorist group.

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