WOW! More #FakeNews: White House Disputes ABC Hack – Says Trump Was Not Even Speaking to Her (Here’s the Video)

The #FakeNews never ends…

The liberal media is the enemy.

According to ABC reporter Cecilia Vega Trump told her during a presser that she Russia would no longer target the US.


Here is the video.

The ABC hack says Trump was speaking to her as the room erupted with questions at the end of the President’s news conference.

But you can clearly see the president had wrapped up the presser.

The reporter who asked President Trump whether Russia is still seeking to meddle in U.S. elections asserted on Wednesday that the president was answering her directly when he said that it was not.

Here is what the ABC reporter Cecilia Vega posted — a transcript of the “conversation.”
But the video does not show this personal discussion AT ALL.

Sarah Sanders disputed Ms. Vega today.
Via The Hill:

The tweet came after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that Trump was not answering Vega’s question, but rather “saying ‘no’ to answering questions.”

“He does believe that they would target, certainly, [the] U.S. election,” Sanders said.

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