White House Aide Shouts Down Jim Acosta For Screaming Questions About “Collusion” at POTUS Trump – ‘We’re Done, Jim!’ (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump welcomed Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti Monday to the White House.

After private meetings between the two world leaders they held a joint press conference.

As per usual, the pool reporters were screaming questions at the President in the Oval Office.

CNN’s resident clown Jim Acosta screamed questions about “collusion” as President Trump sat next to the Italian Prime Minister.

“Mr. President, if there is no collusion, why does Rudy Giuliani say there is no crime in collusion?’ Acosta asked.

A White House aide quickly shouted down Acosta and told him to get out of the Oval Office.

“Move, Jim! Let’s go! Keep going, Jim! We’re done,” a White House aide is heard shouting to Acosta.

The Russian collusion narrative is a hoax completely made up out of thin air by Hillary, promoted by Obama’s weaponized FBI and propped up by the media sycophants.

Watch Jim Acosta get shouted down by a White House aide…


Jim Acosta also complained on his Twitter account about being told to get out of the Oval Office.

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