VIDEOS: Unhinged Supreme Court Protesters Scream in Ears of Pro-Life Demonstrator the Night of Kavanaugh Nomination

Videos from Monday night outside the Supreme Court of demonstrations over President Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy show a swarm of liberal protesters surrounding and screaming right in the ears of a pro-life demonstrator for almost two minutes straight. Another video shows a different assault on the demonstrator by a man who followed him as he walked, using a small megaphone to scream in his ear.

Screen image from video posted to Twitter by NBC’s Kailani Koenig shows a man and a woman sreaming in the ears of a pro-life demonstrator.

NBC’s Kailani Koenig posted video of the pro-life man walking in front of the liberal protesters assembled in front of the media cameras. The man is speakng through his bullhorn, but the bullhorn is aimed away from the liberals as he is paces back and forth. An organizer with the liberal protesters is seen shadowing the pro-life man, screaming directly into his ears using a smaller megaphone.

Koenig also posted video that show a man and a woman standing directly behind the pro-life demonstrator, screaming at him as he speaks though his bullhorn. The pro-abortion man, who is taller than his female screaming partner, is seen screaming into the left ear of the man.

Video posted to Twitter by Breitbart taken from a different angle shows the pro-abortion duo screaming almost non-stop for nearly two minutes in the ears of the pro-life man.

WTTG-TV’s Tom Fitzgerald posted video from later in the evening showing the pro-life man being swarmed again by pro-abortion protesters.

Koenig posted a few photos showing there were at least a couple other pro-life demonstrators among the liberal mob.

Fox News’ Shannon Bream felt so threatened by the unhinged liberal mob that she fled the set at the Court where she was broadcasting live reports and went to the safety of the nearby Fox studio to continue reporting.

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