TRAGIC=> Duck Boat Survivor Speaks Out After Losing 9 Family Members, Including 3 Children (VIDEO)

Duck Boat accident survivor Tia Coleman

A ‘Ride the Duck’ boat capsized on Table Rock Lake in the Missouri Ozarks Thursday evening after 60 mph winds created large waves, resulting in 17 confirmed deaths.

According to reports, the weather service issued severe thunderstorm warnings throughout the afternoon.

Eleven members of the Coleman family were on the duck boat that capsized, tragically nine out of eleven died.

Tia Coleman spoke out about her survival and losing her husband and three children [youngest a 1 year old baby].

Coleman said she felt like she was drowning and asked the Lord to take her. “I finally said, Lord just let me die. I can’t keep drowning. I just can’t…and then I just let go and was floating up to the top of the water and I felt the water temperature raise and I jumped up and I saw a big boat and they were throwing out life jackets and I said Jesus just keep me, just keep me so I can get to my kids.”

“The only way I’m getting through this is through God,” Tia Coleman said. “A lot of people here in the city, I’ve had pastors come here and they’ve prayed for me and they’ll keep me in their thoughts and prayers–it’s the best way I’m getting through it.”

Via Fox 5:

Among the deceased are nine family membersfrom the Indianapolis area, including four children.

  • 45-year-old Angela Coleman
  • 1-year-old Arya Coleman
  • 69-year-old Belinda Coleman
  • 76-year-old Ervin Coleman
  • 7-year-old Evan Coleman
  • 40-year-old Glenn Coleman
  • 70-year-old Horace Coleman
  • 2-year-old Maxwelll Coleman
  • 9-year-old Reece Coleman

Two other relatives aboard the boat survived, Tia Coleman and her nephew, who has not yet been identified.

Tia Coleman also said the family was not issued life jackets; the captain said they didn’t need them.

An official, verified GoFundeMe has been set up to help Tia Coleman. You can donate by clicking here.


The Coleman family:

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