TODAY’S LIBERAL MEDIA: CBS-Showtime Mocks Disabled Vets – Netflix Celebrates a “Salute to Abortion”

There is something very dark and evil about the American left.

CBS-Showtime is set to air a special mocking disabled vets.

“Evil” British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen duped Sarah Palin into sitting for an interview with a disguised Cohen.

Then Cohen dropped Palin and her daughter off at the wrong DC airport so they would miss their flight back to Alaska.

Sarah Palin is not laughing.


This comes in the same week Netflix aired a “salute to abortion” with bride of Satan Michelle Wolf.

Yahoo News praised wicked, vile and tasteless liberal Michelle Wolf after she celebrated “a salute to abortion” on Netflix.

Wolf joins a marching band in a “Salute to Abortion” in this week’s show.

Wolf went on to say abortion should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s.

The American left has settled into a very dark place.

This isn’t humor. This is dark, ugly and evil.

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