Stormy Daniels Blows Off Migrant Kids During Two Night Stand at ‘Mostly Empty’ Tex-Mex Border Strip Club

Porn star and Trump antagonist Stormy Daniels broke her pledge to visit illegal alien migrant children being held at the border by the Trump administration. Daniels made international headlines two weeks ago with her vow to visit the migrant children ‘in a week’ when she could work it out, but last week came and went with no border visit. This week Daniels spent two nights stripping at the TexMex Lounge in the Rio Grande Valley town of Edinburg just north of McAllen where migrant children are being held but no reported visit by Daniels took place.

A sign promoting Daniels’ appearance was photographed last month by Delcia Lopez for The Monitor.

There are no reports in the media and no mention by Daniels on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts of anything at all about her visiting the migrant children. However, there are promos posted on her social media accounts for her two strip shows per night stand July 4th and 5th at TexMex.

See ya tonight, TEXAS!

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July 4th and 5th promo tweets:

A local news report by the Valley Morning Star headlined, Stormy Daniels draws small, but curious crowd, reported her July 4 show was sparsely attended but made no mention of any planned visit by Daniels to help the migrant children.

“While Hidalgo County is known as a traditionally blue region, with more than 68 percent of the vote going to Hillary Clinton in 2016, much of the floor was empty for Daniels, a polarizing figure who has become an unlikely symbol of resistance to an unconventional presidency.”

This was no one-off pledge by Daniels to help the children. She argued online about it and pledged her support for her attorney Michael Avenatti’s work with illegal alien migrant families separated at the border by the Trump administration.

On June 21 Daniels wrote in reply to a now-protected plea for her help with the migrant children, “I am headed down in a week. Don’t worry. Just figuring out my best course of action to maximize my resources.”

The next day Daniels swore at a critic who said “Really, Ms. Porn star, what can you do for them?? Strip??“, saying, “Donate money and raise awareness just as you and anyone else can. Now pull your head out of your cunt.”

On June 27 Daniels replied to a supporter that she condones Avenatti’s efforts helping the migrant children, “Exactly! And I’m an adult that can take care of myself between court dates. Michael & I are in contact at least once a day. In the meantime, each day these children suffer away from their parents is too much. I’m glad Michael is able to help&I condone his efforts!”

Daniels is scheduled to strip in Des Moines Friday and Saturday, so unless she sneaked off for a quickie with the kids before she left and didn’t tell anyone, she blew them off and did not “raise awareness”. Daniels announced her arrival Friday afternoon, “Hello Iowa! #teamstormy has arrived! Can’t wait to see everyone tonight at Big Earl’s Goldmine”, but again no mention by her of visiting the migrant children.

After debauching Des Moines, Daniels is headed to Washington, D.C. for shows July 9 and 10 where the national media will likely act like lap dogs for Daniels.

Speaking of dogs, in case anyone was wondering, Daniels prefers to walk her dogs with them standing up. It must be a trick she learned in the movies.

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