SHOUTING ERUPTS in House Committee Hearing as Rep. Jim Jordan BLASTS Peter Strzok (VIDEO)

Shouting erupted in the House Oversight and Judiciary committees hearing on Thursday after Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) laid into FBI agent Peter Strzok over the identities of two people he referred to in his text messages.

The Democrats were not pleased with his line of questioning.

Rep. Jordan was attempting to ask Strzok about an email he sent to other top FBI officials that referred to the infamous Trump-Russia dossier. His focus was on two code names that were used, “Corn” and “Simpson.”

The names likely refer to Mother Jones journalist David Corn and the head of the firm that hired Christopher Steele to produce the dossier, Glenn Simpson.

Strzok remained calm and smiling smugly as the shouting match ensued.

The disgraced FBI agent has been the focus of scrutiny since it was revealed that he sent multiple messages to his lover and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page in which he admitted his bias against Donald Trump.

As we reported earlier on Thursday, Chairman Trey Gowdy destroyed Peter Strzok in his opening comments describing the undeniable bias of Peter Strzok in the Clinton email investigation and the Russian collusion investigation against President Trump.


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