Paul Manafort Spends 23 Hours a Day in Solitary Confinement Because of Mueller’s Thuggery

On June 15th, a Federal judge jailed Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort ahead of his trial, citing recently filed obstruction charges.

Because of Mueller’s thuggish tactics, Paul Manafort, 69, will spend 23 hours a day in solitary confinement in a Virginia jail until his July 25th trial, even though he has not been convicted of a crime nor is he a danger to society.

One of Manafort’s lawyers, John Dowd, previously told Fox News he is in solitary for his safety, “The warden is concerned that someone would violently attack Paul just for street cred.”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton and Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ thugs roam freely.

Where is the justice?

Law and Crime reported:

Paul Manafort has been behind bars ever since a federal judge in Washington, D.C. revoked his pre-trial release for violating his bail conditions as he faces money laundering charges. According to a new court filing that his attorney submitted to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the former Trump campaign manager isn’t just behind bars, he’s in solitary confinement.

“He is locked in his cell for at least 23 hours per day (excluding visits from his attorneys), at a facility approximately two hours from his legal team,” Manafort’s attorney Frank P. Cihlar wrote. This confirms a previous claim from President Donald Trump‘s former attorney John Dowd, who said in June that Manafort was in solitary.

Dan Bongino sounded off on Mueller’s KGB tactics.

Bongino says he’s arrested hard core criminals who were not subjected to the treatment Manafort is receiving.

Cernovich said,” If you think Mueller and his ilk won’t put Trump supporters in gulags, you’re not paying attention.”


Mueller and Rosenstein have used KGB thug-like tactics on Paul Manafort.

FBI agents busted down Manafort’s doors over the summer of 2017 and held up Manafort and his wife at gunpoint in a pre-dawn raid.

Mueller has aggressively hunted down Manafort for alleged crimes committed over a decade ago that have nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion during the 2016 election.

If Mueller and Rosenstein can rove around with no oversight and target anyone and anything connected to Trump with unlimited resources, who’s to say they won’t target Trump supporters?

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