#OccupyICE Protesters Temporarily Shut Down DHS/ICE Operations in Florida

Operations were temporarily shut down at Tampa’s office of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency after six #OccupyIce protesters locked themselves together by their necks to block the entrance, according to a press release from the activists.

The press release states that “after 11 days occupying the entrance of the building, Occupy ICE TPA protesters have moved onto the property to interrupt its operations and publicly denounce the legitimacy of the state-sanctioned human trafficking operation that is ICE.”

To disrupt operations, the leftist activists used bicycle locks placed around their throats in pairs to chain themselves together on Monday.


The protesters are demanding that the agency be abolished, in line with the Democratic Party’s latest rallying cry. Similar protests have been taking place across the country.


“Occupy ICE TPA commits to shut down this facility as a meaningful disruption to its illegitimate operations. This is a call to action to sympathetic people and organizations to oppose the dehumanization of oppressed peoples and to move in solidarity with all struggles for liberation,” the protesters press release continued.

On Monday, the city finally began to clear out the tents and garbage surrounding the building.


All six of the activists were arrested.


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