NATO Chief Credits Trump with Increased Member Funding – Trump Points to Media, “They Won’t Report This” (VIDEO)

President Trump once again attacked our NATO allies during a Wednesday morning breakfast with the current Secretary General of the NATO Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg.

At one point Secretary General Stoltenberg credited Trump for increased spending by alliance members.

The president’s response was classic Trump.


President Trump: It’s a very small amount of money to what they owe and to what they should be paying. And it’s an unfair burden on the United States. So we’re here to talk about that and I’m sure it will be resolved.

Secretary General Stoltenberg: We all agree that we have to do more. But also we’ve seen the biggest increase in defense spending … in a generation.

President Trump: Why was that last year?

Secretary General Stoltenberg: It’s also because of your leadership and your message.

President Trump (pointing to liberal media): They won’t write that but that’s OK.

And, once again, Trump is right.
The media totally ignored this.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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