MUST SEE=> Watch Liberal Media Hacks SCREAM AT TOP OF THEIR LUNGS at President Trump in Oval Office — UNREAL! (VIDEO)

The Behavior of Liberal Media Hacks is Just Unbelievable!

President Donald Trump met with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti Monday in the Oval Office.

President Trump opened the room to reporters so the two leaders could make a few statements during their meetings.

The reporters know when they come into a meeting whether or not the president will take questions.  On Monday the president was not planning on taking questions.


The liberal media hacks wanted desperately to harass the president about the Russian-collusion witch hunt while he was sitting with a foreign leader.
So they started SCREAMING at President Trump!

It sounded like they were SCREAMING at the top of their lungs!

…And they wonder why Americans have no faith in the mainstream media today?

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