Mueller Releases Names of 35 Witnesses Who May Testify Against Paul Manafort

On Friday, the Special Counsel released the names of 35 witnesses in Paul Manafort’s trial in Alexandria, Virginia which is set for July 31st.

Manafort’s trial in Alexandria is based on charges of tax fraud and bank fraud.

None of the charges against Manafort have anything to do with ‘Russian collusion’ during the 2016 presidential election.

Judge T.S. Ellis recently granted immunity to five witnesses in the Alexandria case on the condition their names be made public.

On Monday, the immunized witnesses were revealed to be, James Brennan, Conor O’Brien, Donna Duggan, Cindy Laporta, Dennis Raico.

Below is the list of 35 witnesses who may testify against Paul Manafort, via Axios:



Mueller also filed 100 blank subpoenas on Wednesday, according to a new filing.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson announced last Thursday evening that two separate sources confirmed to him Mueller offered Tony Podesta immunity, however; Podesta was not named in the unsealed documents Monday.

Podesta was reportedly given immunity in the DC case where Manafort is being charged for failing to file a FARA form for his Ukrainian lobbying efforts.

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