Major Breach as UK Security Allowed Protesting Paraglider to Fly Within Yards of Trump in Scotland–and Then Escape!

This was an appalling security breach that could have resulted in dozens killed and wounded–including President Trump. Friday night soon after Trump arrived at his Trump Turnberry golf club in Scotland, a Greenpeace protester flying a motored paraglider with a large anti-Trump banner hanging below flew within yards overhead of Trump who was outside receiving guests, forcing him to race inside with his Secret Service detail. Inexplicably, first U.K. security on the perimeter and then U.S. security on top and around the building allowed the paraglider to fly unmolested over Trump, members of his national security team, senior administration officials and dozens of guests assembled outside, and the building–and then allowed the flyer to escape!

The Greenpeace protest banner read, “”TRUMP, WELL BELOW PAR #RESIST.”. The name Greenpeace was painted on the inside of the parachute so it could be read from the ground.

As of this writing the flyer has not been caught. The flyer could very easily have had an IED on their person or built into their chair that could have been detonated over Trump and the dozens of guests and clueless security on the ground. Greenpeace reportedly alerted U.K. authorities about the flight ten minutes before. Even with warning the paraglider was not blown out of the sky but instead was allowed to make a mockery of the no-fly zone supposedly in place to protect Trump.

CNN reported security officials commenting without admitting their failure:

Police Scotland’s assistant chief constable, Mark Williams, revealed that the paraglider managed to escape after the incident.

“We are aware a powered parachute was flown in close proximity of the Turnberry Hotel earlier this evening,” Williams said. “It is a criminal offence to fly within the airspace restriction zone and officers are carrying out enquiries to trace the pilot.”

The US Secret Service released a statement saying it “is working with our foreign law enforcement partners as they investigate the circumstances surrounding an aircraft (paraglider) that flew into unauthorized airspace in Scotland.”

Greenpeace UK, as well as the media, posted photos and videos of the astonishing security breach.

But first, photos of the worthless government security at Turnberry, posted before the incident by a BBC reporter.

“We’ve just delivered a message to @RealDonaldTrump as he was standing outside his hotel in Turnberry watching. #Resist #StopTrump”

Bristish reporter Zora Suleman posted a video collage of the incident.

British reporter Suleman later mocked Trump and concerned Americans.

“😂😂 This has been the typical level of response from the Americans on my timeline to the #Greenpeace Trump protest in #Scotland – when not hysterically calling for the bloke to be shot down!! They do love their ill mannered, orange, narcissistic, thicko, buffoon of a President”

This video by Eric Trump taken before the incident shows the approach from the water.

On Saturday protesters were allowed to set up within gunfire range of Trump as he golfed at Turnberry. Hopefully they were searched but probably not.

Trump posted a statement Saturday morning about his stay at Turnberry but did not mention the security breach, “I have arrived in Scotland and will be at Trump Turnberry for two days of meetings, calls and hopefully, some golf – my primary form of exercise! The weather is beautiful, and this place is incredible! Tomorrow I go to Helsinki for a Monday meeting with Vladimir Putin.”

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