Lukasz Dusza For The Gateway Pundit Wrap: Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro Heated Argument (VIDEO)

The unhinged liberals on The View EXPLODED Thursday after Judge Jeanine Pirro DESTROYED Whoopi Goldberg.

The idiots on The View picked the wrong one to abuse and berate.

On Thursday night Judge Jenanine Pirro described the horrid abuse with Sean Hannity.

Judge Jeanine said Whoopi was inches from her face screaming, “F*ck you!”

Judge Jeanine: She started cursing at me! She said, “F*ck You! F*ck You! Get the f*ck out of this building!”

This week Lukasz Dusza reports on Whoopi Goldberg’s Trump Derangement Syndrome and profanity-laced tirade to Judge Pirro backstage.



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