LIST: The 35 Criminal and Destructive Acts by the Democrat Party, Deep State, Media and Never Trumpers to Gut America

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Last night Americans experienced another leak and another smear of President Trump from CNN.  This leak is a tape from the President’s lawyer which may have been taped illegally, which may have been initially stolen from the President’s lawyer by the Mueller team (to hell with attorney-client privilege) which  is just another attempt to damage duly elected President Trump. 

As a result of this and all previous illegal activities by the previous administration, the MSM, Never-Trumpers, and absent Attorney General Jeff Sessions, we can now confirm that the US is officially a banana republic.

The US has gradually fallen over time and the past ten or so years have been the worst.   The Obama Administration took the US to new levels of corruption at the very top while ignoring the US Constitution and hurting most the forgotten and hard working men and women of the US.

If you stand up for Americans then you are the enemy of the Obama team of corrupt government workers (the Deep State), the Democrat Party and all Never-Trumpers, the elites who want to control the world because they and their strong arm perpetrators (e.g. Peter Strzok) believe they know what is best, and the MSM.

To hell with laws for the elites, only the commoners are required to adhere to them.  The elites and their gangs of perpetrators are now in charge and they don’t have to abide by the laws demanded upon the rest of us.

If you are a Democrat or a Never-Trumper:

1.) You can have your own server outside of the government system even though government employees are mandated to use the government’s servers and systems.  You can do this to hide your racketeering operation and other unlawful actions.  If caught, you can destroy the server, clean it with a software that will ensure nothing is there, destroy all emails and evidence, and delay any requests while denying any wrongdoing.  No worries, you will be exonerated by the Deep State legal system, its corrupt DOJ and FBI, and its phony judges in their phony courts.

2.) You can use government agencies at your discretion, whether legal or not.  You can target your conservative opponents through the IRS by delaying and eventually denying their requests or targeting them for audits.  You can share their records with all members of the Deep State and nothing will happen to you.

3.) You can run guns across the US border or across the Middle East.  When Americans are killed as a result, you can lie to Congress, no worries.

4.) You can see your Ambassador murdered in Benghazi and blame it on an innocent American in Los Angeles and a video he created that you state caused the outrage that killed Americans.  You can deny them help when under fire and go to sleep so you can make your next day’s campaign fund-raiser.

5.) You can sell 20% of US uranium to the Russian nuclear company in return for $146 million in contributions to your “Foundation”.  When questioned, you can deny wrongdoing and know that your Deep State will never prosecute you for any wrongdoing.

6.) You can hand over the ‘Taliban 5’ to whoever you want along with billions in cash and in return obtain a US soldier captured because he was a deserter and lie about him being a deserter.

7.) You can give billions to Iran, the country responsible for a quarter of US soldiers’ deaths in Iraq.  You can claim it is a good deal and hide from Americans the money provided to get the deal done, even the billion in cash that was transferred overnight on pallets on a plane.

8.) You can donate billions of American tax payer’s dollars to a group of nobody’s in the name of climate change so that they can redistribute it to poor countries like China.

9.) You can spy on your opponents, lie about it, create false stories of their interactions with Russians and push it through your corrupt MSM.

10.) You can back stab the President of the US, even if he is in your party.  You can call out all charges against him, align yourself with the MSM and the Deep State and do all you can to prevent his efforts to ‘Make America Great Again’.

If you are Deep State:

1.) You can make millions supporting your Deep State candidates and hope for cushy government jobs where you can continue to promote your illegal activities because you know best.

2.) You can allow obvious criminals to be set free because of your bias and hopes to someday work for them, even if they destroy evidence, neglect to properly maintain super-secret classified emails, share the information with whomever they want, and lie about the entire cover-up.

3.) You can create a ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ collusion fake news story and throw it on your opponent even though you may have personally delivered uranium to Russians on a European airport tarmac.

4.) You can spy on your opponents and tape their conversations.

5.) You can obtain your politician’s made up phony dossier and present it to the secret FISA court in an effort to obtain a license to spy on your opponent.  You can continue to use this document for a year to spy on him and his team, even after he takes office.

6.) Even though you signed off on a FISA warrant, you can create a phony and corrupt Special Counsel with a team of far-left gangster lawyers and inspectors whose only purpose is to remove your opponent from office and punish his loyal supporters.

7.) You can make up lies about your interviewees lying when pounced on them only a few days after working in the White House.  You can use these lies to create false documents and then force them through gangster tactics to succumb to a guilty plea for lying.  You can use one of your friends, a judge (Contreras) who also works on the secret FISA court to obtain the guilty plea.

8.) You can push your cases through judges appointed by Obama (Amy Berman Jackson) who you know will overturn every plea by those you arrest.

9.) You can throw your indicted enemies in jail using your Obama judge and keep them in solitary confinement even though they have not been tried or convicted.

10.) You can indict them for more phony charges when they fight back since their real crime was representing your opponent as his campaign manager.

11.) You can charge people for not filing forms when their former bosses (the Podestas) did the same but were tipped off to file them in arrears shortly before arresting their former employee (Manafort).

12.) You can grant the individuals aligned with your gang (Rice, Abedin, and now Podesta and others) immunity but never do the same for your opponent’s team members.

13.) You can steal your opponent’s transition team documents and emails even though much of it was protected under attorney client privilege.

14.) You can create ‘fake lawsuits’ against made up Russians and indict them and claim they stole the election even though the Facebook stories aligned to them were in Russian and were never translated to English, by them or your Deep State FBI, DOJ or Mueller Witch Hunt team.

15.) You can leak stories true and not true to the press to damage your opponents, no worries.

16.) You can steal your opponent’s personal attorney’s documents, files and tapes – to hell with attorney–client privilege again.

17.) And now, you can even leak these privileged documents and tapes to your MSM in another attempt to destroy your opponent.

If you’re the liberal mainstream media:

1.) You can do what you’re told and push every phone Russia story you can to destroy your conservative opponent.

2.) You can prevent conservatives from sharing information on your social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.  To hell with free speech.

3.) You can and will never share any positive stories that can be associated with the current President.  If the stock market reaches record highs, the GDP explodes, Americans get special bonuses due to new tax legislation, or any number of positive economic news, don’t share it.

4.) You will make fun of the President’s meeting with a North Korean dictator and yell out unbelievably inappropriate cat calls during historic events (Jim Acosta).  You will call the historic meeting a big nothing burger and move on back to Russia, Russia, Russia.

5.) You will push every phony and seedy story you can against the current President.

6.) You will only have Democrats, Never Trumpers or Deep State operatives on your shows who disparage the President.

7.) You will promote the fake Russia, Russia, Russia story day in and day out, claiming the President is guilty of collusion with Russia for years with no proof, only false accusations by your politicians and Deep State cronies will be allowed.

If you are duly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions –

You will do nothing while the country, and it’s legal system you have a constitutional duty to protect, burn to the ground.

Yes, unfortunately and finally, due to the lack of a legitimate legal system which was systematically destroyed by years of corruption, the US is officially a banana republic.

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Jim Hoft is the founder and editor of The Gateway Pundit, one of the top conservative news outlets in America. Jim was awarded the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award in 2013 and is the proud recipient of the Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation in May 2016. In 2023, The Gateway Pundit received the Most Trusted Print Media Award at the American Liberty Awards.

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