Hungarian PM Orban Stands Up to Chancellor Merkel – Refuses 3rd World Migrants from Germany

Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban and German Chancellor Angela Merkel clashed over migration during their meetings today in Berlin.

Prime Minister Orban told Merkel his country would absolutely not take in any of Germany’s third world migrants.

Merkel tried to guilt Orban into taking refugees.
Disgusting. reported:

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stood firm on mass migration during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin Thursday, saying that his country would refuse to allow Germany to send migrants back to Hungary.

Chancellor Merkel described the meeting saying that Mr Orbán claimed Hungary felt, “not at all responsible for the processing of asylum applications”, and looked to countries like Greece to take responsibility for processing asylum claims instead, Der Spiegel reports.

The German leader added that the federal government could not see Europe “decouple” itself from asylum seekers and legitimate refugees but noted that the two leaders did find common ground on wanting to secure the European Union’s external borders.

The visit is the first time since 2014, before the height of the migrant crisis, that the Hungarian leader has formally been to Berlin.

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