FBN Host Trish Regan Slams NATO ‘Deadbeats’: HEY EUROPE! PAY YOUR BILLS! (VIDEO)

Only five NATO countries the 28 NATO member states honor their commitment to spend 2% of economic output on defense.
Via CNN Money:

The NATO Summit in Brussels today started out with a bang as President Trump demanded that NATO nations pay their fair share in defense spending.
President Trump later tweeted this out.

Only five NATO countries are spending the 2% commitment on defense spending. Meanwhile, 23 others are not footing their part of the bill.


FOX Business Network host Trish Regan went off on the freeloaders on her show on Wednesday.

Trish Regan: We are footing the bill for the rest of the world. You name it, we seem to pay for it. And I’m not talking about trade I’m talking about the defense issue… Hey Europe! Pay your bills! Honor your commitments! Don’t be a bunch of deadbeats!

ViaThe Intelligence Report:

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