FBI Veterans Blast Strzok ‘How is He Under Office of Professional Responsibility Investigation and Protected by FBI Counsel at the Same Time?’

Peter Strzok; face of the swamp

FBI veterans blasted Peter Strzok this week after his disastrous Congressional hearing on Thursday.

FBI counsel has been working very hard to aid and protect the disgraced former top bureau official.

During Strzok’s closed-door deposition a couple weeks ago, FBI counsel intervened and prevented Strzok from answering many many questions, according to House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte.

On Thursday, FBI counsel continued to protect the smug, smirking Peter Strzok as he defiantly refused to answer lawmakers’ questions.

House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte became so frustrated with Strzok refusing to answer his questions at one point he threatened the former FBI official with contempt charges.

One FBI veteran wants to know how it’s possible Peter Strzok is under an Office of Professional Responsibility investigation yet have FBI counsel at the same time. “How does that work???”

Another FBI veteran called ‘elitist’ Strzok arrogant and obnoxious. 

“In 27 yrs in the Bureau, I have never known, worked, associated, trained with any agent as obnoxious as Strzok. The common trait among he, Comey, McCabe, is apparent: I’m smarter than you. Elitist arrogance. The Bureau is in this plot over their head,” an FBI veteran said to investigative reporter, Paul Sperry.

In June, Inspector General Michael Horowitz referred Strzok’s findings to the Office of Professional Responsibility for investigation and possible disciplinary action.

Shockingly, Peter Strzok is still employed by the FBI and even though he was previously escorted out of the FBI building, he still has top security clearance.

AG Sessions previously claimed in a radio interview that Strzok lost his security clearance; it appears Sessions is clueless about what is really going on. What a disgrace.

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