Fake News Daily Beast Hits New Low – Insists Calling Out Pocahontas Warren is “Genetic McCarthyism”

President Donald Trump joked about fake Indian Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren Thursday night in Montana.

President Trump apologized to the real Pocahontas but not to the fake one.

The audience thought it was hilarious.

Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren claimed she was American Indian to push her ahead in her career.
She isn’t.

Warren lied to get a position at Harvard knowing she was not American Indian.

And President Trump makes it a habit to remind Americans that Elizabeth Warren is a selfish liar.

But the left supports Elizabeth Warren.
They want President Trump to quit attacking her on her phony heritage.

On Sunday the far left Daily Beast ripped Trump for what they are now calling “Genetic McCarthyism.”
The left will spin any lie to defend their dear Pocahontas.

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