Unhinged Elizabeth Warren Supporter Tackled, Arrested After Assaulting Her Opponent Dr. Shiva (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Dr. Shiva, the real Indian running against fake Indian Elizabeth Warren, was assaulted by a violent liberal outside of a Town Hall Warren held in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Dr. Shiva held a mini protest outside of Elizabeth Warren’s Town Hall to expose the fake Indian’s failed Socialist Democrat policies.

VIDEO of Dr. Shiva protesting: (language warning)

Then this happened…

An angry Elizabeth Warren supporter wearing a shirt with the word “Liberal” printed on it, got right into Dr. Shiva’s face as he was speaking into a bullhorn.

The liberal Warren supporter couldn’t control himself after Dr. Shiva was accusing the liberals of being the true racists and ended up assaulting the Dr.

The violent liberal was promptly tackled by a Shiva supporter then arrested by police.

Dr. Shiva said of the incident, “I will take a punch in the face ANY DAY for America & Free Speech.”

VIDEO of liberal getting tackled and arrested after assaulting Dr. Shiva: (language warning)

Police arrested the unhinged liberal. Dr. Shiva called the attacker a “racist” and his actions a “hate crime.”

Thank you, Maxine Waters.

Update: Dr. Shiva went to the emergency room after the assault. It is unclear what the extent of Dr. Shiva’s injuries are. The Gateway Pundit will update as more information becomes available.


You can support Dr. Shiva by clicking here.

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