DOJ, FBI Still Not in Full Compliance With Document Request – Fail to Meet Deadline Set by House Resolution

The DOJ and FBI once again failed to meet a deadline set by Congress to turn over pertinent classified documents on the Trump-Russia probe conducted by the bureau.

Trey Gowdy on Oversight, Devin Nunes on Intelligence and Bob Goodlatte on Judiciary, all requested documents under one subpoena last August and the FBI is still not in compliance.

Sources told Fox News’ Catherine Herridge that House staffers who have reviewed the documents say the DOJ and FBI still have not provided records of the bureau’s activities before the Trump-Russia investigation during the 2016 election officially opened on July 31st.

Fox News reported:

“The House Judiciary Committee has been in contact daily with the Justice Department to ensure they produce all the documents subpoenaed by the committee earlier this year,” a Republican House Judiciary Committee aide said. “The Justice Department has produced more documents over the past weeks and has requested more time to produce additional documents. This request seems to be reasonable, and we expect the fepartment to comply with the terms of the subpoena.”

An Intelligence Committee spokesperson told Fox News, “The DOJ gave the committee some, but not all, of the outstanding documents, so they are not in compliance.”

A Justice Department official emphasized last weekend that the DOJ and FBI had told the both chambers’ intelligence committees that records, previously limited to congressional leadership known as Gang of Eight, were now available to lawmakers and cleared staff. The records were widely reported to include documents about the FBI’s alleged use of confidential sources to contact Trump campaign aides during the 2016 campaign.

In April, a subpoena was issued for a key set of records, focused on FBI activities before the bureau’s Russia case officially opened.

“What put this in motion? And of course, was what put this into motion, was something that is politically motivated, or was it based on legit law enforcement evidence?” said Thomas Dupree, former deputy assistant attorney general under President George W. Bush. “Based on hearing and the back-and-forth we have seen over the last few months, we are in an extremely unusual, and in my view disturbing, situation, where the has been a complete breakdown and a fracture of trust.”

GOP lawmakers passed a resolution last week giving DAG Rosenstein 7 days to hand over the requested documents or face impeachment, contempt charges.

During the Congressional hearing last week, a smug Rosenstein refused to answer questions from GOP lawmakers, often laughing and smirking as he vaguely responded to important questions about Spygate.

Congressman Jim Jordan had a very intense exchange with Rosenstein last week and reminded the Deputy Attorney General his time is running out.

Rosenstein should be removed from his position and prosecuted for obstructing House oversight.

This story is developing…

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