DISGUSTING. Chelsea Handler Says Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway Could “Benefit From Being Held in Cages”

Chelsea Handler celebrated the abuse of Trump officials this week.

Handler is happy Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen restaurant and Kellyanne Conway was yelled at by unhinged leftists at the grocery store.

The 43-year-old ‘comedian’ took it a step further and said the Trump officials could “benefit from being held in cages.”

The real war on women always comes from Hollywood degenerates and leftists.

Sarah Sanders is a Christian mother of three children and Kellyanne Conway is also mother and counselor to the President, but Chelsea Handler believes they are subhuman.

Chelsea Handler tweeted: Sarah Huckabee was kicked out of a restaurant, Kellyanne Conway was yelled at in a grocery store, and Stephen Miller was cussed out by a bartender… Sounds like you guys are the ones who’d benefit from being held in cages.

Sarah Sanders was recently kicked out of the Red Hen Restaurant because she works for President Trump.

Kellyanne Conway was confronted by a leftist screaming at her in a grocery store and Stephen Miller was cursed at by angry lefty bartender.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters told a cheering mob of Democrats recently to harm and harass members of Trump’s cabinet if they are spotted in public.

Since Waters’ call to violence, Trump officials are being chased out of restaurants, followed and threatened.

Hate-filled tweets like Chelsea Handler’s is the reason why the #WalkAway campaign is gaining momentum and people are leaving the Dem party in droves.

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