Disabled Veteran Joey Jones: Sacha Baron Cohen Could Be Prosecuted in Violation of Stolen Valor Act (VIDEO)

CBS-Showtime is set to air a special mocking disabled vets.

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen duped Sarah Palin into sitting for an interview with a disguised Cohen.

Then Cohen dropped Palin and her daughter off at the wrong DC airport so they would miss their flight back to Alaska.

Sarah Palin is not laughing.
She is furious at Baron and his disrespect for the American military.


Sgt. Joey Jones, a double amputee war veteran, told FOX Business Network on Wednesday that Sacha Baron Cohen may have opened himself up for prosecution.

Sgt. Joey Jones: We have a Stolen Valor Act of 2013 that says you can’t take medals, honors and basically the stories of the heroes of this country and use them to benefit yourself in a tangible way. So at this point if this interview is used on Showtime I think there is an argument that any dollar made off of advertisement violates the Stolen Valor Act.

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