Crazed Liberal Kristin Mink Who Harassed EPA Chief at Restaurant — Calls Out President Trump

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Resigned on Thursday.

Pruitt was harassed last wee while eating out at a restaurant by an unhinged leftist.

This is a new tactic of the left proposed by Rep. Maxine Waters.

Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt was the most recent Trump official to be harassed at a restaurant.


Teacher Kristin Mink was filmed harassing Pruitt at a restaurant in Washington DC on Monday.

This is today’s Democrat Party.
Abusive, violent, harassing, outraged and bankrupt on ideas.

But they sure know how to threaten people!

Kristin Mink bragged on Twitter about harassing a Trump official.

Of course, she has no idea what she’s talking about.
The biggest challenge her young son is going to face is the liberal garbage his mother is going to force feed him.

On Thursday Kristin Mink cheered the news that Pruitt was resigning.

Kristin Mink then asked President Trump where he is eating lunch tomorrow.

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