Corrupt Comey Attacks Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson ‘Trump Should Sit Down With Serious Journalists’

President Trump held interviews Monday evening with Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson after his meeting and press conference with Vladimir Putin.

Corrupt cop Comey attacked the President for speaking with Hannity and Tucker and suggested they aren’t ‘serious journalists.’

Comey also sarcastically said, “I’m guessing RT [Russian Television] and Sputnik were unavailable.”

Russians under every bed…

Comey tweeted: Having sold out our nation on an international stage, Mr. Trump will now explain it all to Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson? I’m guessing RT and Sputnick were unavailable. He owes it to our nation to sit down with a serious journalist.

Amazing how Comey is so Russaphobic considering he signed off on FISA applications using a fake, Hillary-funded Russia dossier as his intel source.

Perhaps Comey should take a look at himself being that his media blitzes to push his book of lies have been with Democrat media sycophants such as Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos.

TGP’s Joe Hoft nailed it!

Obama gang members came out of hiding and screamed with fear over what Trump may have learned from Putin, so much so that they claimed President Trump should be impeached –

The Democrats, the MSM and Deep State are in a complete panic!

This is precisely why corrupt Rosenstein came out Friday with a quickly-scheduled presser to announce the indictment of another 12 Russians supposedly who interfered in the 2016 election.




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