Bernie Sanders’ Chief Strategist Named in New Trove of Mueller’s Evidence Against Manafort

On Wednesday Special Counsel Robert Mueller filed 500 new pieces of evidence against Trump’s former campaign chair, Paul Manafort.

Bernie Sanders’ Chief Strategist, Tad Devine’s name appears 21 times in the trove of new evidence released by Mueller.

Via PJ Media:

Tad Devine, Sanders’ chief strategist, appears from exhibit 5 onward. Mueller listed a memo from 2006 involving Manafort, Devine, and former Ukrainian President Viktor Vanukovych, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s puppet in Ukraine.

Mueller’s evidence lists email after email between Devine and Manafort, connecting them both to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Putin-connected operative whom Manafort described as “my Russian brain.”

There are emails linking Manafort to Devine just months before Bernie Sanders chose Devine as his chief strategist:

It’s time for Bernie Sanders to answer some questions about his chief strategist’s ties to Russia!

These old tweets from Socialist crackpot Bernie didn’t age well…

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