Baby Sadiq Khan Balloon Fundraiser BLOWS PAST Baby Trump Balloon Fundraiser Despite ZERO MEDIA COVERAGE

The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, approved an ‘angry baby’ Trump blimp to fly near the Parliament for two hours on July 13th during the President’s visit to the United Kingdom.

Ironically, the group behind this angry baby Trump blimp refer to themselves as ‘anti-fascists.’

Sadiq Khan’s spokesman said the Mayor approved the blimp because he supports the right to peaceful protest.

A counter group announced on Friday it was raising money for a “Baby Khan” balloon to fly over London with the Baby Trump blimp next week.

The group blew past their £12,000 goal in the first few hours!


They have now raised over £42,000 and are planning an EVEN BIGGER Baby Khan balloon.

Meanwhile the Baby Trump balloon organizers have only raised £29,539 to date despite nonstop glowing media coverage.

The organizer behind the Baby Sadiq balloon says they will launch the balloon with a protest against violent crime in Sadiq’s London.

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