200 Black Female Leaders Play Race Card – Demand DNC Defend Maxine Waters and Her Calls to Harass Conservatives

This is today’s Democrat Party—-

Popular Democrat mouthpiece Maxine Waters threatened Republicans with mob violence and abuse the past two weeks.
Maxine made the comments both in public speeches and on TV.

However, Democrat leaders Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi were not supportive and condemned Maxine’s calls for harassment and abuse.


Maxine Waters went after Schumer and Pelosi on MSNBC for not supporting her calls abusing Republicans.
Waters joined Joy Reid last Sunday.

Now this…
200 unhinged black Democrat women have signed a letter urging Democrat Party leaders to join in and support Maxine’s abusive rhetoric.

CNN reported:

Nearly 200 black female leaders and allies outside of Congress have signed a letter calling on top congressional Democrats to defend Rep. Maxine Waters after she was criticized by members of her own party for urging people to protest President Donald Trump’s Cabinet members in public spaces.

The group includes a mix of local elected officials, religious leaders, academics, activists and political consultants — including some men — who felt Waters was unfairly treated and want Democratic leaders in Congress to apologize.

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