10 Quick Yes/No Questions to Ask Corrupt FBI Hack Peter Strzok

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok is under oath today at a Congressional Hearing televised on national TV. He so far has not given up much information so we have offered our own list of questions.

Here is a list of yes/no questions that Congress should ask Strzok –

1. Is it a crime for an individual to destroy evidence requested by a US court or Congress?
2. Is it a crime to destroy servers by using bleach bit? To destroy emails? To not comply with court or Congressional requests to provide evidence?
3. Are you aware of any spies in the Trump campaign before July 31, 2016? (text messages suggest this indeed was the case)
4. Did you and Lisa Page have an extramarital affair involving sexual relations at any time?
5. Are you aware of anyone in the FBI or DOJ recommending harming President Trump at any time during his campaign physically or politically?
6. Was Jeff Sessions involved in spying on the Trump campaign at any time or was he used in any way at any time by the FBI to gather information?
7. Were you or anyone you are aware of involved in the transfer of US uranium to Russia in the Uranium One scandal and are any of these individuals involved in the Trump – Russia investigations, including the Mueller investigation?
8. Did you sign off on the review of the more than 300,000 emails found on Weiner’s laptop in less than a week of review?
9. Did you see any evidence of crimes against children in these emails? (IG report notes that there were such emails found)
10. Did you do anything with the emails with crimes against children such as refer these emails for further investigation or review? If not, why not?

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