Trump Supporter Arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Violent Antifa Mob ATTACKED HIM

A Trump supporter who attended Sunday’s Patriot Prayer rally was arrested for disorderly conduct after he was attacked by a violent Antifa mob.

Andrew Arbo told the Gateway Pundit that he and his friends went to the rally in downtown Portland on Sunday with the intention of being “happy warriors” and win people over by having a good time and being friendly.

Unfortunately, when the group ran into Antifa on their way to the rally, Arbo say something he was swarmed and violently assaulted.

“I thought it was the rally so I went into full comedy mode,” Arbo told the Gateway Pundit. He has a comedy act and character that he performs called “Stoner Brony” and began teasing Antifa while going through his routine.

Arbo said that he had seen Antifa at previous rallies, but that they did not seem intimidating at the prior events.

“I just went through my stock jokes that I do about Antifa,” he said. “I said, ‘oh, Antifa looks like more rich kids living out their Rage Against the Machine music video fantasies,’” Arbo explained. “Then someone came up and took my ‘Make America Goth Again’ hat off my head. When I went to go get it back, there was a guy holding me back and people started getting in my face.”

At this point, the situation rapidly escalated and he was attacked by roughly a dozen people. Arbo does not remember much of the attack until the point when police pulled him out of the mob.


Arbo did not go to the hospital, but was treated for his injuries in jail. He has two black eyes, a cut on the back of his head, a concussion and the bridge of his nose was split.

“I’m pretty shook, but I’m alright,” Arbo said.

Only four people were arrested at the protest, including Arbo. It is unclear if any of his attackers were among the other three.

Protesters were throwing bottles and fireworks at police and officers seized bear mace, knives and other weapons.

Arbo will be appearing in court later today.

As we have previously reported, Patriot Prayer will be holding a pro-life rally on June 9, which Antifa has already called for violence at. The largest Antifa website published a call to action urging protesters to treat the pro-life crowd with the same force as they would for a “Nazi rally.”

“This is a call to crew up, roll tight and organize to obstruct yet another targeted attack by Joey Gibson and his rabble of misogynist frat-boys. If we are to continue to call ourselves anti-fascists, these kinds of gendered attacks must be met with the same force as a nazi rally or a white power gathering,” the call to action on the website It’s Going Down states.

They also mocked the more moderate liberals who oppose political violence and urge readers to team up with people who support it.

“Anarchists and anti-fascists in the Pacific Northwest have learned over the last year that the broader coalition of liberals and socialists who tend to show up to oppose public gathering of the Right are not friendly to tactics of direct action that stray out of the confines of ‘non-violence.’ They will provide no safe space or harbor for those of us willing to carry out direct action against this mob of pond scum, so it is imperative that anarchists and anti-fascists alike organize to keep ourselves safe and protected,” the website suggests.

The founder of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, told the Gateway Pundit that he is “not concerned about the pro-life rally. We will be open carrying and the police will do their job.”


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