The Left is Eating Each Other: Mark Cuban’s Bar Under Fire for ‘Homophobic’ Drink Special

Days after praising a Virginia restaurant for kicking out White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Mark Cuban’s darling left is now turning on him for a “homophobic” drink special being offered at one of his bars.

To celebrate Pride, Cuban’s Landmark at 57 West created a special cocktail menu in honor of the gay community.

Drinks included “The Hedwig,” in honor of the iconic trans performer, the “Boy Band” made with Tito’s vodka and rose jam, and the ‘Intense’ Penicillin.

The ‘Intense’ Penicillin is made with Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, honey water, lemon juice and candied ginger — and appears to be causing an outpouring of liberal tears.

Though the bar is featuring a Pride Film Series and going out of their way to party it up for the gay community, this misstep may cost them big time.

“‘Intense’ penicillin?? Wow… I’m disappointed at the fact that the people in charge would let a pride inspired drink title like that be an actual thing. Way to jab at people with HIV,” an Instagram user with the handle KaitlinJules commented on their promotional post.

Another user asked, “Is ‘intense’ penicillin supposed to be a reference to LGBT individuals contacting STD’s? Am I missing something here?”

“This is offensive and inconsiderate on so many levels. Maybe next time you can actually have drinks dedicated to queer and trans people that fought for gay and trans liberation rather than make a slightly off topic offensive drink name,” another user commented. “Take down intense penicillin and replace it with Martha P. Johnson’s name.”

The comments continued to flood in calling Cuban’s drink menu “low” and “disgusting” before they deleted the post.

The Texas billionaire has praised the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia for refusing service to Sarah Sanders last week saying, “more power to [the owners] for sticking up for what they believe in. But on the flip side, you don’t want to extend that to minorities, LGTBQ…it’s hard to know where that fine line is.”


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