Terrific! Trump RIPS Futile “Resistance” in Weekly Address

And this is why we love him.
We finally have a president who is strong enough to hit back at the communists, the open border fanatics and America-haters.

In his Weekly Address President Trump slammed “the resistance” and their commitment to resist the will of the American people.

The Hill reported:


In his weekly address, Trump blamed Democrats for slow-walking many of his nominees through the confirmation process, saying that Senate Democrats had “shamelessly obstructed” hundreds of qualified picks.

“Senate Democrats call it ‘the resistance,’ ” he said.

“From day one, Senate Democrats have shamelessly obstructed, stalled, and filibustered the confirmations of hundreds of talented men and women who are eager to come to Washington, D.C., to make a difference,” he said. “They want to serve our country.”

Trump also blasted the party’s opposition to his hard-line demands on border security and immigration. He said that Democrats were withholding support for his policies because the party is “afraid it’s going to make me and the Republicans look good.”

“They have blocked every effort to close deadly loopholes, to keep out vicious criminals, and to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs,” Trump said. “They are a disaster at the border.”

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