STUNNING! MSNBC Host Joy Reid Agreed with Ahmadinejad that Israel Should Be Ethnically Cleansed of Jews

MSBNC host Joy Reid came under attack recently over her bigoted, anti-gay and anti-Semitic posts she put up on her website several years ago.

Joy Reid claimed her recently discovered hateful posts were fabricated by internet hackers.

The hateful posts were recently discovered on her website “The Reid Report” before she became a host on far left MSNBC.


Twitter user Jamie_Maz tweeted out her homophobic tweets last month:

Joy Reid denied her attacks on gays.

Joy Reid said hackers put the content on her website but a look back on The Wayback Machine shows the original text included the controversial anti-gay screed.

So far NBC is standing by their hateful, homophobe host.

Now this…
Joy Reid agreed with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in calling for the removal of Jews from Israel.

Via Frontpage Magazine:

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