Senator Rand Paul Blasts John Brennan, Demands He Testify Before Congress About British Intelligence

Senator Rand Paul blasted John Brennan on Twitter, demanding that he testify before Congress about what information he received from British intelligence sources about President Donald Trump or his campaign.

“BIG question for John Brennan, who has become such a vocal spokesman. Did you receive any secret info on candidate Trump or his campaign from European or British intelligence sources? Brennan should be brought before Congress & made to testify under oath, NOW!” Senator Paul tweeted on Thursday.

Last week, a former US intelligence officer explained to the Gateway Pundit that he believes the CIA collaborated with British intelligence to form a “coup without weapons” against President Donald Trump during his candidacy over his policies on Syria and NATO.

The former intelligence officers believe that John Brennan and James Clapper used highly classified intelligence channels to create a trail of fake evidence linking Trump to Russia. Based on their years of experience in the intelligence community, including overseas operations, it appears highly likely that Joseph Mifsud was a MI6 asset and that his role within the British spy service was deliberately obscured to give the appearance of him working for Russia.

“What did John Brennan know and when did he know it? We deserve answers. Of course, last time he testified in Congress he perjured himself, but it’s certainly worth dragging him in here and trying,” Doug Stafford, Chief Strategist for Rand Paul, told The Gateway Pundit.

The intel community insiders who spoke to the Gateway Pundit believe that the case of George Papadopoulos, a minor official named to the Trump foreign policy team on March 21, 2016, merits additional scrutiny because it shows evidence that Papadopoulos was targeted deliberately by U.K. intel operatives, specifically Mifsud, in a plot to trick him into communicating information about possible approaches to Russia via conversations with persons in the United States.

Disobedient Media, who first exposed the British involvement, has been diligently uncovering information about the ‘mysterious Maltese Professor,’ Mifsud’s connections to UK intelligence.

As The Gateway Pundit exclusively reported, CIA Director Gina Haspel has been dodging questions from Senator Paul about her involvement or knowledge of the spying. Haspel was the CIA’s London Chief of Station (COS) while this was going on.


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