Senate Majority Leader McConnell Cancels Most of August Recess – Prevents President Trump from Replacing AWOL AG Sessions

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell concelled most of the Senate’s recess in August announcing that the Senate had work to do.  This is a given but he also may have done it to prevent the President from replacing corrupt and inept Attorney General Jeff Sessions

According to the Hill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-Ky.) announced Tuesday that he would cancel most of the August recess, allowing him to keep vulnerable Democrats off the campaign trail months before the midterm elections.

McConnell said working three weeks in August was necessary because of “historic obstruction” by Democrats, arguing the chamber needs to play catch-up on confirming President Trump‘s nominees and funding the government.

“We have a lot of important work to do. … The president’s made it quite clear he doesn’t intend to sign another omnibus, and in order to prevent that obviously we should do our work, which is to pass individual appropriations bills,” McConnell told reporters.Under McConnell’s plan, senators will be on break the week of Aug. 6 before returning to Washington the following week and staying in session the rest of the month. Senators were previously expected to leave town on Aug. 3 and not return until early September, after Labor Day.

It is clear that McConnell’s worthless Senate has much work to do.  But it is more likely that McConnell is cancelling the majority of the Senate’s recess to prevent the President from replacing his ultra worthless and crooked AG Sessions.

For a year now McConnell has blocked President Trump from replacing Sessions during a recess.  For him to now claim he is holding the Senate in session to get work done and not preventing a recess appointment of a new AG is doubtful.

With friends like fellow Republican Representative Gowdy, Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell, who needs enemies?  They clearly are not fighting for America first.

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