SARA CARTER: DOJ Reneges on Commitment to Give Trump-Russia Docs to Congress

It is time to impeach Rosenstein and hold him contempt.

The Department of Justice reneged on its commitment to provide Congress with pertinent Trump-Russia docs on Thursday.

The American people have had it with the stonewalling from Rosenstein and Wray.

Sara Carter reported:

The Department of Justice reneged on a commitment to provide access to documents they promised to congressional lawmakers by Thursday morning. Instead, DOJ issued a press release after midnight suggesting they will only meet with a group of select lawmakers to discuss the matter on the same day the North Korea summit opens in Singapore, according to numerous sources and a DOJ statement.

Moreover, the Justice Department also issued new stipulations for briefing congressional members and limited the meeting with only the Gang of Eight, which is comprised of eight leaders within Congress who are briefed on classified intelligence matters.

These sources claim that briefing Gang of Eight lawmakers restricts the dissemination and discussion of the documents that will be taken for review. Although the DOJ contends that the documents are highly sensitive material, in reality, these documents are not considered to contain high-level national security information.

Do not be fooled by this meeting with the Gang of Eight; this is just another way for the DOJ to provide heavily redacted documents to oversight in Congress.

On May 24th, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes and Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy headed into a meeting with senior Justice Department, FBI and intelligence officials to view classified documents and discuss Spygate.

Nunes demanded the Justice Department hand over the unredacted memo outlining the scope of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s authority and the name of the FBI secret informant inside Trump’s campaign in 2016.

Gowdy and Nunes DID NOT receive the documents they requested that day.

It’s time for serious action. Just like Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch says, bring in the US Marshals.

Sara Carter elaborated on Thursday’s development:

In last night’s press release, however, the DOJ admitted to having the documents. A senior Justice Department official accused the committee members of not reviewing the documents provided at the May meeting stating, “The Department and FBI will also provide the documents that were available for review but not inspected by the members at the previous briefing along with some additional material.”

The DOJ official said with regard to not providing the documents on Thursday, “Although the Department and FBI would have liked to provide this information as early as this week, officials have taken a little additional time to provide the most fulsome answers to the members’ questions as possible. The Department and FBI take congressional inquiries seriously and believes that the documents provided next week will be valuable to the Gang of Eight.”

President Trump should declassify the documents and put an end to this farce once and for all.


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