Rudy Giuliani: Mueller Lawyers Were the Ones “Crying Like Babies” the Night Hillary Lost (VIDEO)

The always brilliant and entertaining Rudy Giuliani went on Laura Ingraham on Wednesday to discuss the Mueller witch hunt against President Trump.

Rudy was on fire.

Rudy told Laura Ingraham that if Mueller is issuing 150 subpoenas at this late stage as was reported earlier today then he’s got nothing! “Where’s the collusion? Where’s the obstruction? Except in their head! Everyone know this. They have no case because Donald Trump did nothing wrong.”


Rudy then went on to discuss rip the Mueller squad of angry Democrats.

“For the two years up to the election I didn’t talk to any Russians. I don’t know any Russians. And I don’t drink vodka with them. So what the hell are they talking about? What they’re talking about is they’re bitter over losing this election. And some of the people right in Mueller’s office were the ones crying, crying like babies the night that Hillary lost.”

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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