Reminder: NY Times Nearly Wrecked Summit With False Report of ‘Impossible’ to Keep June 12 Date

As President Donald Trump and North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong Un, meet in Singapore Tuesday morning, June 12 (local time), it should be remembered how the New York Times nearly wrecked negotiations on the summit by deliberately lying that a senior White House official said it would be “impossible” to keep the June 12 summit in Singapore after Trump called it off in a bid to get Kim to recognize the seriousness of the moment. The two nations were in the midst of talks to keep the summit on schedule when the Times made their report, casting doubt on the sincerity of the U.S. and prompting Trump to call out the Times on Twitter.

Excerpt from the Times, May 25.

As with so many issues involving this president, the views of his aides often have little effect on what he actually says. On Thursday, for example, a senior White House official told reporters that even if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed.

On Friday, Mr. Trump said, “It could even be the 12th.”

Later on Friday, the president reinforced that possibility, saying on Twitter that if the meeting were rescheduled, it would “likely remain” on that day, “and, if necessary, will be extended beyond that date.”

“We are having very productive talks with North Korea,” he said.”

CBS News reported on what was actually said by the official which was not what the Times reported.

While the official didn’t use the word impossible, the official said, when asked if a June 12 summit would still be possible, that there’s “really not a lot of time” to make that happen, and “June 12th is in 10 minutes.”

“There’s really not a lot of time,” the official told reporters Thursday afternoon. “We’ve lost quite a bit of time that we would need in order to — I mean, there’s been an enormous amount of preparation that’s gone on over the past few months at the White House, at State, and with other agencies and so forth. But there is a certain amount of actual dialogue that needs to take place at the working level with your counterparts to ensure that the agenda is clear in the minds of those two leaders when they sit down to actually meet and talk and negotiate and hopefully make a deal. June 12th is in 10 minutes and the president has said that someday he looks forward to meeting with him.”

Trump had even tweeted the evening of the 25th talks were ongoing to keep the June 12 summit date, “We are having very productive talks with North Korea about reinstating the Summit which, if it does happen, will likely remain in Singapore on the same date, June 12th., and, if necessary, will be extended beyond that date.”

After the false report by the Times, Trump tweeted, “The Failing @nytimes quotes “a senior White House official,” who doesn’t exist, as saying “even if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed.” WRONG AGAIN! Use real people, not phony sources.”

“Unlike what the Failing and Corrupt New York Times would like people to believe, there is ZERO disagreement within the Trump Administration as to how to deal with North Korea…and if there was, it wouldn’t matter. The @nytimes has called me wrong right from the beginning!”

Trump did get one thing wrong about the Times’ mendacity. He thought they had made up a source for a false quote. They actually did worse by making up a false quote and sourcing it to a real White House official.

Incensed reporters broke the briefing rules to name the White House official and posted audio of the briefing, “4. I’ve obtained audio of the WH press briefing. You can hear Raj Shah, Deputy Press Secretary, introduce Pottinger (along with the terms – which are standard) and then (Matthew) Pottinger makes the statement that POTUS says was never made. Lots of reporters in briefing room and on phone.”

As can be heard in the audio, the Times report is a lie, as is Yashar Ali’s characterization.

The “impossible” summit is happening.

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