Pro-Trump Candidate Challenging Dem Who Called Conservative Censorship a ‘Hoax’ Was Purged From Political Crowdfunding Platform

Pro-Trump millennial Naomi Levin is challenging a New York congressman who recently called the censorship of conservatives online a “hoax,” which is ironic as she herself was purged from a political crowdfunding website for being a Republican.

Naomi Levin

Levin is challenging Rep. Jerrold Nadler in New York’s 10th congressional district — a man who recently berated Diamond and Silk while claiming that social media censorship of the right doesn’t exist.

In a May email to Levin, provided to the Gateway Pundit, crowdfunding website Crowdpac wrote that “because your campaign features a Republican candidate as a recipient, it will be suspended in 10 days time.”

The Crowdpac email claimed that “over the past few months, we’ve struggled as a business with the decision of whether or not to remain an open platform to all candidates in the wake of the rise of Trumpism, an ideology that runs counter to the values of the community.”

Ultimately, the website determined that the best course of action was to “align our platform with the values of our community and take a stand against Trumpism.”

“Your data, funds, and compliance information will still be available via Democracy Engine, and you will still be able to log in to your Crowdpac dashboard to retrieve any information you require,” the email continued.

Levin responded that she had been using Crowdpac since she launched her campaign for congress in New York and that their decision goes against what they claimed the mission of their website was.

“I am frankly surprised and disappointed that my campaign will be so abruptly removed from your platform. Your organization professes to promote diversity and seeks to encourage ‘the democratic process’ and yet my campaign was discriminately removed, irrespective of my individual ideas, for merely being associated with the Republican Party,” Levin’s response, provided to the Gateway Pundit, stated.

The campaign for Levin closed on Crowdpac in May, along with other Republicans who were purged from the platform.

“As a young woman and a millennial, I saw Crowdpac as a platform that would allow my peers to support my campaign through online contributions. Unfortunately, without even familiarizing themselves with my positions on the issues, Crowdpac removed my account from the platform merely because of my affiliation with the Republican Party,” Levin told The Gateway Pundit.

Levin explained that though she respects Crowdpac’s right as a private business entity to choose who they do business with, she can’t ignore the detrimental impact their decision will have on young conservatives and millennials as a whole.

“Establishment political figures have labeled our generation as immature and lazy basement dwellers, who rely on our parents and do not have what it takes to effectuate meaningful change in this country,” Levin added. “It is an exciting time in American politics as young people on both sides of the aisle are entering the political arena, proving our naysayers wrong and fighting for what we believe in. We are trying to dethrone ineffective establishment figures who do not represent our generation. We want to participate in the political process, and we want a fair fight where a winner is chosen based on ideas and policy initiatives that will improve the lives of hard-working Americans.”

“Young candidates are facing a modern day David and Goliath story. While we want our victories to be based on what we stand for, not based on the size of our campaign coffers, the reality is that our opponents have the advantage of corporate funding and name recognition to drown out our voices,” Levin continued. “Crowdpac’s decision to remove my account is antithetical to their mission ‘to help more people participate in the political process through running for office and funding candidates and causes they believe in.’”

Levin’s campaign manager Alexandra Velella told The Gateway Pundit that the candidate”stands behind our president and is especially supportive of his positions on Israel, school choice and tax cuts.” She explained that part of the Levin’s platform is advocating for small businesses by cutting red tape and lowering corporate taxes.

The daughter of refugees fleeing from Communist Russia, Levin is well aware of the real dangers of the far-left ideology and seeks to promote individual liberty and free market policies.

Levin will be holding a Get Out the Vote workshop at Kings College in New York City on July 10 at 5:30. Those interested in attending can volunteer on her campaign website.


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