PRESIDENT TRUMP Calls Out TBS: Why Aren’t They Firing Samantha Bee After Calling Ivanka Trump a C*nt?

On Wednesday liberal hack Samantha Bee attacked First Daughter Ivanka Trump after the president’s daughter tweeted out a photo of herself with her little boy.

Samantha Bee called Ivanka a “c*nt.”

Bee followed this up by telling Ivanka to put ‘something tight’ on and go talk with her father.

Samantha Bee has a show on TBS – Turner Broadcasting System.

Bee is an Emmy Award winner.
Liberals love her humor.

Here is the video…


On Thursday Samantha Bee was honored by the Television Academy for her “programming that advanced social change.”

On Friday morning President Trump tweeted on Samantha Bee… Why aren’t they firing Samantha Bee?

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