POTUS Trump Taunts Protester Forcibly Removed From Minnesota Rally ‘Goodbye Darling, Say Hello to Mommy!’ (VIDEO)

President Trump traveled to Duluth, Minnesota Wednesday to hold a rally.
The crowd was so massive they had to move to AMSOIL Arena to accommodate more people. The rally was previously planned for the DECC Arena, reported Fox News.

President Trump is expected to endorse House candidate Peter Stauber for the state’s 8th district.

President Trump taunted a protester as he was forcibly removed from the rally.

“So we have a single protester. Goodbye darling,” Trump said as the crowd booed.

“He’s going home to his mom. Say hello to mommy,” President Trump said as the crowd erupted into cheers.

The President then predicted the fake news will report tomorrow that there was a massive protest at the Trump rally even though it was a single protester.


President Trump continued to taunt the protester.

“Get him outta here! Out!” demanded Trump.

The protester had long hair so the President said, “Was that a man or a woman? Because he needs a haircut more than I do”

Watch the unhinged protester get tossed out of the rally:


President Trump has MASSIVE  support in Duluth tonight. The crowd is galvanized!