Portlanders Lash Out At WRONG EGYPTIAN FOOD CART Following Assault

As the Portland food cart covfefe has now gone national, citizens have turned their attention to what they thought was the food cart where the muslim owner threw a Gatorade bottle and hurled racist epithets toward a black woman, by protesting the place, accosting workers, and demanding that they close down.

Turns out Portlanders are protesting the wrong food cart.

Yes, in the city that is sometimes dubbed as Whitelandia, where white guilt runs rampant throughout the wackjob liberals hauling in six figure paychecks on the government dole, their deep seeded, inner racism is on full display as they now target a different Egyptian food cart run by a muslim male. I guess all North African muslim males and their food carts are the same in Whitelandia?

The food cart in question is called Small Pharoah’s, and it’s owned by Islam El Masry. However, a neighboring food cart named Elmasry Egyptian Food Cart, run by a man named Gharib Muhammad, has been taking flack over the incident.

Willamette Week reports:

The owner of a downtown Egyptian food cart says he’s been the subject of harassment from Portlanders who’ve confused him for the owner of a different Egyptian food cart, a man who was arrested for attacking a customer last week.

Gharib Muhammad, the operator of Elmasry Egyptian Food Cart, says he’s bared the brunt of angry protests since last week’s report that the proprietor of the Small Pharoah’s cart called a black woman the n-word and attacked her with a Gatorade bottle and chili sauce after she tried to pay for a meal with mostly quarters.

Muhammad says that on Saturday, a group of 15 to 20 people accosted his wife, who was running the cart that night, with signs demanding the food cart shut down. The evening before, Muhammad says a man flipped him off and told him, “I remember what you did yesterday.”

Elmasry is located two blocks northwest of Small Pharoah’s, in an entirely different cart pod. The confusion likely stems from the name of Muhammad’s cart: The man accused of the assault is named Islam El Masry. In Arabic, “El Masry” simply means “The Egyptian.” It is also the name of an Egyptian soccer club.

Despite the fact that he had nothing to do with the attack, Muhammad has extended a mea culpa anyway: He’s offered the victim, Carlotta Washington, a month of free food.

“I love my customers,” Muhammad says. “I go extra for them.”

This isn’t Small Pharaoh’s first wade into the pool of controversy. A former employee took to facebook last year to complain about the owner not wanting to pay him and unsafe food handling practices.


Meanwhile, liberal heads are exploding as they try to figure out who the bigger victim is; the muslim immigrant or the black woman.

Only in Portland.


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