Photos, Videos=> Far Left Protesters Block Bus With Migrant Children in McAllen, TX

Rather than standing astride the border to stop mass illegal immigration, protesters with the liberal group LULAC held a protest outside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection station in McAllen, Texas on Saturday where they blocked a bus carrying migrant children with their parents for about twenty minutes. The pro-illegal immigration protesters chanted and waved American flags (for a change.)

The organizer, the League of United Latin American Citizens, is the oldest active U.S. Latino civil rights organization.

CNN’s Sonia Moghe posted photos, video and reports from the scene. Videos by others can be seen below.

“Now @LULAC protestors from the RGV are outside the processing center chanting “no papers, no fear!”

“Who was on the bus that was surrounded by protestors this afternoon? CBP confirms it “transferred family groups from its Centralized Processing Center in McAllen, Texas into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” Reached out to ICE to see where it was headed.”

“The woman who first walked in front of this bus. We saw children on the bus but are trying to find out if they were with parents or unaccompanied. And where the bus is headed.”

“You can see small children on this bus. It’s coming from central processing. Protestors are waving to them, telling them they are not alone in Spanish. The children have their faces to the windows and are waving back”

“Some of the children we can see have their faces pressed against the bus window waving at protestors. Some of the protestors are visibly sobbing when they look at “their little faces.”

“Border Patrol ended up surrounding the bus so it could back up and go out the other end of the street. We do not know where the children are headed but have reached out to authorities to find out.”

“There are now barricades blocking the entrance to the Central Processing Facility (aka Ursula because that’s the name of the Street it’s on) and the road leading up to it.”

Photos of some of the children on the bus taken by a participant and posted by a reporter. The participant, Alia Salem, describes herself as a Muslim activist and has a photo of herself with fellow Muslim activist Linda Sarsour as her Twitter header.


Three videos posted by a participant, Dr. Leo Lopez III.

“This bus carried immigrant children housed at the McAllen, Texas center. It was obstructed by our protests as we demanded immediate and safe reunification of children with their families. #freethechildren”

Scroll to about 1:40 in this CNN video to watch the passion of the protesters as one screams a message to President Trump that they are “coming for him in 2020” and “coming for his Congress in 2018”.

Fox report by Steve Harrigan.

The action in McAllen came as open border advocates have held blockade protests at several ICE offices around the country.

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