Oregon’s Bisexual Governor Skips Pride Parade, Deceptively Recycles Last Year’s Photos

Oregon Governor Kate Brown takes every opportunity to tout the fact that she is the nation’s first openly bisexual governor. It would stand to reason that she would participate in high profile LGBTQAULMNOP+ events throughout the state, specifically in Portland. Portland’s Pride Parade was held on June 17th of this year, 2018. Kate Brown posted a few pictures on her facebook page of her at the event, proclaiming “Happy Pride, Oregon! #LGBT #pride #loveislove.”


There’s just one problem. She wasn’t actually at the parade. The pictures she posted were from previous years’ parades. Instead of actually partaking in the 2018 parade, as she makes it appear, she was attending a fundraising junket with leftist Californian billionaires, including Lorene Jobs, widow of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Patagonia founder Ivon Chouinard.

Her republican opponent, Knute Buehler, made a post on his facebook page calling her out for this deceptive tactic, as he and Kate Brown both pander for votes.


Let’s dive a little deeper into this. Here are the pictures from previous years’ Pride events that Kate Brown recycled. Click to enlarge any of them.

Here’s one of the pics she posted on June 17th, 2018:Here’s the original picture, from 2017:

The picture of her in the convertible Mustang, posted on June 17th, 2018:

This picture was originally from 2015, when she was the parade’s Grand Marshall.

The picture of her with the two little girls? That’s been recycled three times now. It was originally from 2015, recycled for 2016, and used yet a third time for 2018.

Note the irony of the “#BeTrue” shirt, when in reality, she’s being anything but true.

In lieu of actually being at the parade, she dispatched some of her staffers, interns, and volunteers to march in her place.


She then posts this video in an attempt to continue pandering to the LGBT+ community.



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