Louis Farrakhan Loses ‘Bluecheck’ Verification on Twitter After Tweeting on “Unmasking the Satanic Jew”

Barack Obama with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.


On Friday, Obama’s BFF, Louis Farrakhan lost his ‘bluecheck’ verification badge on Twitter after he posted a tweet with the caption, “Thoroughly and completely unmasking the Satanic Jew and the Synagogue of Satan.”

Louis Farrakhan has privately met with many Democrat lawmakers, including Barack Obama and DNC Deputy Chair, Keith Ellison.

The Nation of Islam leader boasts over 480,000 Twitter followers.

Farrakhan attached a YouTube video of himself from May 27th, 2018 addressing attendees at the Nation of Islam’s international headquarters, Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois.

Twitter users erupted after Louis Farrakhan fired off the tweet and the social media platform subsequently removed his blue check mark.

The tweet and YouTube video have not been removed. (Screenshot in case of deletion)

Twitter lists reasons why people can lose their verification status:

Twitter reserves the right to remove verification at any time without notice.

Reasons for removal may reflect behaviors on and off Twitter that include:

  • Intentionally misleading people on Twitter by changing one’s display name or bio.
  • Promoting hate and/or violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. Supporting organizations or individuals that promote the above.
  • Inciting or engaging in harassment of others.
  • Violence and dangerous behavior
    • Directly or indirectly threatening or encouraging any form of physical violence against an individual or any group of people, including threatening or promoting terrorism
    • Violent, gruesome, shocking, or disturbing imagery
    • Self-harm, suicide
  • Engaging in activity on Twitter that violates the Twitter Rules.
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