Newly Unredacted Texts Between FBI Lovebirds Reveal Peter Strzok Admitted He Was Handling a “Confidential Human Source”

Social media is buzzing after the Senate released over 500 pages of information related to the Spygate scandal.

As TGP’s Joe Hoft previously reported, hidden in the information are unredacted Strzok – Page texts that show the FBI initiated actions to insert multiple spies in the Trump campaign in December 2015.

Now this…

In a text message sent November 22, 2016, Peter Strzok is talking about Bill [Priestap] wanting him to handle the “CHS” (Confidential Human Source). Strzok also mentions #Spygate “CH” or “Crossfire Hurricane” a couple messages down.

“But I had been doing all of the CH when Jon was focusing on the broader election stuff. I need to talk to him,” Strzok said in a text to Lisa Page. (Screenshot below)

It has been widely reported that the Obama administration had a spy, AKA a “confidential human source” working inside the Trump campaign.

The informant, Stefan Halper, was paid a total of $411,575 in 2016 and 2017 for work with the US government that included spying on the Trump campaign.

After the election Halper  pitched himself for a senior Trump admin position.

And Stefan Halper was promoting Hillary Clinton publicly while he spied on the Trump Campaign.

No doubt there were other spies planted in the Trump campaign.

H/T: Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller

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