Mueller Seeks to Block Manafort’s Defense That He Is Being Targeted Because of His Connection to Trump …Huh?

Dirty cop Robert Mueller sought to block Paul Manafort’s defense he is being targeted by the Special Counsel simply because of his connection to President Trump in a new court filing Friday.

The truth is, but not for Manafort’s association with President Trump, Mueller would never have hunted him down for alleged crimes committed over a decade ago.

Politico reported:

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is seeking to prevent the defense for Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman, from arguing to jurors that he was targeted for prosecution because of his role in Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

In a courtfiling on Friday, prosecutors asked a federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, to bar any selective prosecution claims during Manafort’s looming trial on tax evasion, bank fraud and other charges.

“Manafort should … be precluded from arguing that he has been singled out for prosecution because of his position in the campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump, or otherwise asserting that he has been selectively prosecuted by the Special Counsel’s Office,” Mueller’s team wrote.

Prosecutors noted that Manafort never filed a legal motion asking for the case to be dismissed on selective-prosecution grounds.

“Courts have consistently held that claims of selective (or vindictive) prosecution must be presented to the court before trial and cannot be argued to the jury,” the government filing said. “The government’s reasons for initiating a prosecution have nothing to do with whether the evidence at trial proves the elements of the charged offenses, which is the sole question that the jury must answer.”

On top of Friday’s court filing to bar Manafort’s defense he is being hunted down for his association to Trump, Mueller is trying to dismiss Manafort’s motion the Special Counsel is operating outside of its original scope.

Deep State judge Amy Berman Jackson already ruled against Manafort.

In a separate court case, Reagan-appointed Judge Ellis, however; has yet to rule on Manafort’s motion to dismiss Mueller’s case based on the argument he is operating outside of his scope.

Judge Ellis previously lost his temper on Mueller’s lawyers and accused them of using the Manafort case to “get Trump.”

Judge Ellis demanded Mueller’s team hand over Rosenstein’s memo detailing Mueller’s scope; we are anxiously awaiting his ruling.

Paul Manafort was arrested last Friday after his bail was revoked. Dirty Mueller raided Manafort’s iCloud account and accused him of ‘witness tampering.’

Manafort is in “solitary confinement” for his own safety, attorney John Down told Fox News.


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